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More Fun With Flupe

250 lei

Categorie Varsta

Copii 3 Ani – 5 Ani, Copii 6 Ani – 9 Ani




Tip Activitate

Fata in fata, Online

This lively course helps children easily and naturally develop spoken English, familiarizing them with the rhythm and intonation of conversational English. 

Filled with humour and excitement, this course follows Fun with Flupe. Once again, children meet Granny Fix, loveable, bouncy Flupe from the Book of Rhymes and join Paul, a curious 5-year-old boy who helps fix things that have gone wrong in imaginary Storyville. Through these engaging stories and rhymes, 25 original songs and 12 more lively animated episodes, children reinforce speaking and pre-reading skills. Thes 



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